Transform your hot water cylinder in to a solar battery!


Solar Hot Water

Up to 40% of the average domestic electricity bill is for heating water, a solar system will knock this down by up to 75%,

Reduce your electricity bills and help New Zealand become 100% renewable.

An Apricus solar system enables you to directly harvest and store the energy of the sun.

Solar hot water systems that save you money for years to come.


Apricus have been installing high performance, reliable solar systems in New Zealand residential and commercial buildings since 2003.
Whether you are building your next dream home or looking to upgrade your existing house Apricus can provide a solar system to suit.  Commercial users of hot water can make enormous savings on daily running costs by harnessing the power of the sun.
Apricus systems are made up of high quality, efficient and durable components to ensure that you will get maximum performance for many years to come. We partner with experienced, dedicated local installers to ensure you receive the best service and back up through the life of your system.
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The systems are made up of high quality materials and components, specifically selected for durability and performance in the intense sun of New Zealand and Australia. Read more..

We had to have a hot water system that was powered by the sun because we are living off-grid. I investigated several flat panel and evacuated tube systems and liked the idea of hot bulb in the manifold rather than water flowing through small tubes. We knew that evacuated tubes were more efficient than flat panels so went for the Apricus system.

We haven’t been disappointed by the system and particularly like the level of support from a reputable NZ company. We are thoroughly chuffed with the system. If the system was to break down and you have no hot water you want to have somebody to turn to who will fix what you’ve bought and not try to sell you a replacement system.

We would recommend an Apricus system to other people, the controller is easy to understand and does what it is meant to do. It is a great system and has never let us down. We always have hot water, any season, regardless of much sun there is or not.

David Sellars, Otorohonga, Apricus 20 tube system with wetback and instantaneous gas boost

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